Pet Loss Bereavement Services

Ann, Goldie, Nimbus

Pets are real friends and their loss causes real grief.

The loss of a beloved animal companion can be a significant event in our lives. The grief is real and often very painful. Sometimes a person's expression of grief over the loss of a pet may be met with social disapproval or minimization. We all need a safe and supportive place to grieve.

Pet Loss Bereavement Services
  1. Short or long term individual counseling
  2. Initial phone assessments
  3. Three pet loss groups offered at different locations in Albuquerque each month
  4. Support for those anticipating the loss of a pet
  5. Counseling via phone
  6. Consultations for people considering welcoming a new pet into the home
Pet Loss Bereavement Education and Experience
  1. Master's degree in Counseling
  2. Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement training for on-line chat room
  3. Training with the Children's Grief Center
  4. Extensive experience and employment in the animal welfare field

Contact Info
Ann Beyke, M.A. LPC
NM License #2373
see Ann on KASA-TV discussing how to seek support for the grief of a beloved animal.